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Hello! Thank you for your interest in my profile! 😊

I’m Ryan, a straight male companion from London, UK. I provide services to women and couples. I’m a man with experience and sensitivity, who listens to your needs and delivers. I’m young, sporty, full of positive energy, romantic, passionate, and genuine.

If this is your first time with a male companion rest assured, you are in safe, private, and experienced hands. Companionship is quite common, we just don’t talk about it because of the unfortunate stigma attached to the practice. We as humans all seek connection in one form or another so it makes sense for us to seek a companion. Below, are some of the main reasons my clients seek my companionship services – do any of these resonate with you?

1 – Seek Connection 

You are single / divorced / widowed / someone who’s open to connecting and wants the safe, ‘honeymoon phase’, ‘boyfriend’ experience. Connection is based on trust and I’ll work extremely hard to earn yours by, to name a few ways, being my best authentic self, making eye contact, listening attentively, doing the things I said I would do, always thinking about your needs and best interests.

Connection can be linked to ‘love languages’ – the ways in which we like to express and receive love. Maybe you like the feeling of safety and warmth of me standing behind you, holding you close as we take in the surroundings. Maybe you like the simple act of holding hands, chatting, and walking by the river. Perhaps you like music and want to dance with someone, moving to the rhythm as one unit – as a sensual dancer I can definitely help with that too!

 2 – Limited Time

You have a busy career/life and no extra time to forge long-standing commitments which means you need to be efficient with your time. Spending focused time with an independent experienced companion and getting things off your mind helps you to de-stress, relax, and enjoy your time. I can provide this escape or time out from your busy everyday life – you deserve it!

3 – Re-ignite the Fire in You

You are unsatisfied with your current situation and want stress-free, uncomplicated  interactions that make you feel alive again. You’re looking for a change, something different and this approach can often yield interesting results. Doing nothing or the same thing is unlikely to give you a different result and this could be unhealthy for the mind. One of my clients was stuck in a rut for almost a year, but after spending time with me things started to get better and I was so happy to hear “…you made me feel like a woman again, thank you” ❤️

4 – Private Interactions for High Status people
You’re a celebrity, in a high-powered position, economic, or political circle seeking absolute privacy and your lifestyle doesn’t allow the time to accommodate commitment. It really goes without saying, but I take discretion, privacy, trust, and confidentiality extremely and I also want this for myself.

5 – Invest In Your Wellbeing
You have experienced trauma and need to bounce back. Having some fun for a change and taking care of yourself or your relationship enables you to break away from the past and move forwards. This comes back to my earlier point on how some of us seek connection– once we find it we start to feel better. Spending the time and money on yourself can be one of the best investments that you can make.

Why Choose Me?

1 – You can Trust me

I understand this can be a nerve-racking experience for some. Maybe it has been a while since your last interaction with a companion or it’s your first time. Whatever the situation, please do not worry I will take care of you because trust is extremely important to me.

I’m a gentle, caring, and loving person. I believe in Karma and have absolutely no interest in doing anyone wrong. Please may I ask the same from you. The world is a better place when we are kind to each other 😊

I will respect your boundaries and we always do what YOU want because this is your investment in yourself. I will never push you for anything. I only take your instruction and requests. If you prefer, I can lead and show you the way. In any case please outline your requirements as much as possible and I will try my best to meet and exceed your expectations.

My pictures are recent and genuine, I’m happy to show time stamps. I’m happy to send a tailored photo via WhatsApp if required to prove I’m the person in the pictures. Also, if you’re comfortable we can do a free video call before meeting to verify and see if we like each other.

2 – You will be Safe
I have a clean track record and I’m happy to share test results. I’m curious about you and will provide a safe open environment so you can be you. Feel free to share personal thoughts, feelings, and explore should you wish to do so because I won’t judge you.

3 – We will have a Strong Connection

My calm, engaging demeanour, and light-hearted humour will put you at ease from the moment we make contact. I listen carefully and I like to pay attention to the details. I’m very thoughtful and I’ve been told I’m a super-empath which means I’ll be thinking about you and your needs at all times.

Acquaintances say they feel like they’ve known me for years. I’m confident you’ll feel the same way.

Furthermore, I love interacting and building relationships with all types of people whatever their background. I’m naturally interested in your journey to date, who you are, what you stand for and more. I’m confident we’ll connect straight away.

4 – Romance

This neatly brings me to my next point which is about mindset. I enjoy roleplay and think ‘setting the scene’ can be extremely powerful because it taps into your imagination and helps you get into the zone which in turn heightens your overall experience with me. If you like this idea then I will guide you to utilize your mind through our conversation. This will enable you to leave any stress behind, relax and be transported into a different world.

5 – I have Good Experience
I’m completely comfortable meeting new people because I’ve held many client-facing jobs over the last 15 years.

I’m very sociable often seeing friends and meeting new people at pubs/restaurants/bars/clubs / all sorts of venues in London and beyond. I consider myself relatively young, mature, fit and healthy with good stamina.

I’ve had a couple of long-term relationships spanning more than 10 years in total so I know how to treat women well and with respect.

I’m clean, hygienic, and well-dressed, usually clean-shaven (always complimented on my aftershave, will you be able to guess?), but happy to go for a more rugged look if you prefer. I often have a few showers every day since I work out a lot. I brush my teeth at least several times per day because oral hygiene is very important to me and should be to everyone else too 😉

What can we do?

1 – Dinner Dates

You can totally unwind when you’re with me. We can talk about anything, whatever is on your mind, I will always listen without judgement. I have great restaurant etiquette having dined in many of London’s top restaurants over the last decade or so. I really appreciate good food and drink though I’m mindful of my performance 😉

2 – Couples & Group Meetings

I often get couple enquiries. In my opinion, changing things up can create a new spark, re-ignite fires or just take relationships to a whole new level.

Attending Arts & Performance events – I believe music can have a very powerful impact on well-being. Let us harness that energy together and feel good. I love all types of music and I can dance. We can visit music events, clubs, gigs, festivals, shows, opera, theatre, and cinema.

3 – Travel

I’m naturally inquisitive and a very easy-going travel partner. I believe travel is a great way to learn about different cultures. I have travelled a lot over the last 10 years and I’m capable of planning a fun trip if you require. We can visit museums, art galleries, popular sights and landmarks.

4 – Nature

I love to be in nature and the outdoors can be a great way to express ourselves! Being free on a private secluded beach feels truly amazing. Also, being in nature can be therapeutic and romantic. Simply going for a walk in nature and talking can do wonders for mental and physical health.

5 – Sporting activities / Personal Training Sessions

As you see from my pictures I like to keep fit. We can partner in any sport you like or do a workout together. For example, I know how to ski, I go to the gym often, I can play racket sports, ride a bike, swim, and easily pick up new activities.

6 – Anything!

The list above is not exhaustive. We can pursue any of your interests. I’m very easy-going and open. Just ask me. You never know, you might get the answer you’re looking for 😉 

Next Steps

1 – Message me

Please send me a WhatsApp message to 07391 115 619(WhatsApp is recommended as I don’t check texts or emails that often) and if messaging from an international number it’s 00 44 7391 115 619. In your message to me please reference G4H, please write a sentence or two about yourself, what you would like, and how long you would like me for.

Please ONLY contact me if you’re serious about this. I will not respond to withheld numbers and I’ll block picture collectors or anyone who wastes time – I hope you understand because I take my work and time seriously.

2 – Make your First Booking, Try Me 😉
Life is short and we only live once. In my opinion, experiences can be some of the best investments in ourselves. Please note, I only do outcalls. I’m happy to travel out of London / abroad subject to advance notice and fair expenses. Try one booking – I’m confident you will feel good about your decision to connect with me 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, I hope to make your experience with me totally life-changing.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ryan xxx

Rate:On request
Video Call Rate:Free (Whatsapp call / Facetime / Skype / Zoom etc..)
Tel:+44 7391 115 619

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First impression


True to Ryan's words, he is gentle, kind and emphatic and it has been easy to confide into him as if he was an old friend whom you just haven't seen for a while. I would highly recommend Ryan to anybody who is genuinely in need of a fantastic companiship for a few hours or even days!

Simply wonderful


Ryan is such a lovely man. Put me at ease so quickly, it was like meeting an old friend. He listened with understanding and empthy. I really enjoyed my time with him. Highly recommended spending time with him.

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