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Choosing my escort services offers you an unparalleled blend of sophistication, charm, and intimate connection, ensuring that each moment spent together is both pleasurable and memorable. With a deep appreciation for the finer things in life and a passion for enriching experiences, I am the ideal companion for your social engagements, cultural outings, and intimate encounters.

Imagine attending the opera, where the music sweeps you away and the performances captivate your senses. As your escort, I not only provide engaging companionship but also enhance the experience with insightful conversations about the performance, composers, and historical context of the pieces. Our evening will be enchanting, filled with intellectual stimulation and mutual appreciation.

The theatre is another setting where my companionship excels. Whether it’s a classic Shakespearean play or a contemporary production, my passion for the arts complements your experience. During intermissions and over a post-show dinner, we can discuss the nuances of the acting, the intricacies of the plot, and the beauty of the set design, ensuring a night filled with stimulating conversation and a deeper connection.

Exploring art galleries and museums together turns a simple visit into an enriching journey. My enthusiasm for art and knowledge of different styles and periods provide deeper insights into the exhibits. As we stroll through the galleries, our discussions about techniques, histories, and stories behind the masterpieces will create a shared experience of discovery and learning.

For a more relaxed setting, a private dinner at a high-end restaurant can be an exquisite choice. My refined taste and impeccable manners ensure a flawless dining experience. From selecting the perfect wine to complement our meal to engaging in witty and intelligent conversation, every moment will be pleasurable and memorable.

Traveling together can also be an extraordinary adventure. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the countryside or a lavish vacation abroad, my adaptability and enthusiasm make me the perfect travel companion. Navigating different cultures, languages, and customs with ease, I ensure our travels are seamless and enjoyable.

At private parties or exclusive events, my presence adds a touch of class and sophistication. I blend effortlessly into various social circles, ensuring that you and your guests feel comfortable and entertained. My ability to engage with people from all walks of life makes any event lively and enjoyable.

In more intimate settings, such as a private parties or exclusive events, my presence adds a touch of class and sophistication. I am skilled at blending into various social circles, making sure that you and your guests feel comfortable and entertained. My ability to engage with people from all walks of life ensures that the event is lively and enjoyable for everyone or if you want a cozy evening at home or a luxurious hotel suite, my focus is entirely on your comfort and pleasure. I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where you can unwind and be yourself. My understanding of confidentiality and discretion ensures that you feel valued and respected.

My physical appearance, standing at 5ft 11in with a well-maintained physique, complements my sophisticated demeanor. However, it is my ability to connect on a deeper level that truly sets me apart. I am here to ensure that every moment we spend together is meaningful and fulfilling, leaving you with memories that linger long after our time together ends.

In addition to our public and cultural outings, I offer a range of intimate services designed to fulfill your desires and fantasies. Whether you seek a passionate and romantic encounter, a sensual massage, or a night of exploration and adventure, I am dedicated to providing an experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. My aim is to create an atmosphere where you can express your desires freely and enjoy the intimate connection we share.

Choosing my escort services is about more than just companionship; it is about creating experiences that enrich your life. From cultural events and fine dining to private, intimate moments, my commitment to excellence ensures that our time together is nothing short of exceptional. Let me be your companion in exploring the beauty and elegance of the world around us, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Together, we will create a tapestry of experiences that you will cherish forever.

*Client screening required*


My  Services Include (but are not limited to)

– **Anal Play:** Expertly administering and providing intense anal sensations.
– **Bareback:** Engaging in raw, uninhibited experiences.
– **BDSM Giving:** Providing a full spectrum of BDSM experiences, tailored to your desires.
– **Deep Throat:** Showcasing unparalleled oral skills.
– **Dinner Dates:** premium companionship that turns every meal into an adventure.
– **Domination:** Asserting control to fulfill your deepest submissive fantasies.

– **Face Sitting:** allowing you to feel power and euphoria.
– **Female Ejaculation:** Inducing  most intense climaxes.
– **Fisting Giving:** Delivering powerful and controlled fisting experiences.
– **French Kissing:** passionate kissing that leaves you breathless.
– **Humiliation Giving:** Tailored verbal and physical humiliation to push your boundaries.
– **Massage:** Delivering soothing massages to relax and dominate.

– **Modeling:** Serving as your elegant and alluring companion.
– **Oral:** Masterful oral skills to overwhelm your senses.
– **Parties:** charming presence to enhance your social events.
– **Receiving Oral:** Allowing you the privilege to worship me.
– **Rimming Giving:** Delivering intense and memorable rimming experiences.
– **Sauna Bath Houses:** intimate encounters in sensual and steamy settings.
– **Spanking Giving:** Administering precise and satisfying spankings.
– **Sub Games:** Engaging in playful and intense submissive scenarios.
– **Tantric:** Offering profound and  tantric experiences.
– **Tie and Tease:** Binding and teasing to heighten your anticipation and pleasure.
– **Toys:** Using a variety of toys to explore and dominate.
– **Travel Companion:** Providing elite companionship on your journeys.

1 hour:1000
2 hours: 2000
3 hours: 3000
extra hour:1000


Name:Damian Rider ( premium escort)
Height:5ft 11
Rate:1 hour:1000
2 hours: 2000
3 hours: 3000
Extra hours:1000
Video Call Rate:£1 Per Minute (none)
Tel:(non disclosed)

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Best night of my life

Sabrina kris

"Damian was amazing! He's not your average guy; he's the one you want by your side for a good time. Super chill, great company, and let's just say he knows how to make you feel special. If you're looking for a fun night out or some quality one-on-one time, Damian's your man. Seriously, give him a shout—you won't regret it!"

Would definitely do again


I recently spent an evening with Damian, and it was amazing. From the start, he was super easy to communicate with and responded quickly to my messages. When he showed up, he was right on time and looked even better in person – tall, fit, and really well-dressed. Damian made me feel comfortable right away with his friendly smile and relaxed vibe. We had great conversations about all sorts of things, and he was genuinely interested in what I had to say, which made the time fly by. He's not just good-looking; he's smart and engaging too. Overall, Damian made the evening feel special and effortless. If you're looking for someone who’s charming, attentive, and just fun to be around, I highly recommend Damian. I'll definitely be seeing him again!



I recently had the pleasure of meeting Damian, and I can't recommend him highly enough. From the moment we met, he was charming, attentive, and genuinely interested in making sure I had a great time. Damian is not only incredibly good-looking but also a fantastic conversationalist, making it easy to feel comfortable and relaxed around him. He has a natural talent for understanding what you need, and he goes out of his way to ensure every moment together is enjoyable. Whether you're looking for a fun night out or a more intimate, personal experience, Damian is versatile and adapts to any situation with ease and grace. Overall, Damian exceeded my expectations in every way. If you're considering spending time with him, don't hesitate. He's an absolute gem!

Certainly memorable


Meeting Damian was an incredible experience. From the start, his warm and welcoming demeanor put me at ease. Damian is not only stunningly handsome but also incredibly attentive and thoughtful, making every moment spent with him feel special. He's a great listener and knows how to keep the conversation flowing naturally. Whether we were talking about hobbies, life experiences, or just sharing a laugh, Damian made everything feel effortless and enjoyable. His ability to connect on a deeper level really stood out to me. Damian’s professionalism and dedication to ensuring a great experience were evident throughout our time together. He tailored our evening to my preferences, and I genuinely appreciated his attention to detail. If you're looking for someone who is not only a great companion but also makes you feel truly valued, Damian is the perfect choice. I had a fantastic time and can't wait for another opportunity to see him. Highly recommended!

The best of the best


Had a fantastic time with Damian! He's super easy to talk to, incredibly handsome, and knows how to make you feel special. From start to finish, he was attentive and fun, making our time together really enjoyable. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a great companion. Can't wait to hang out again!

Amazing Time with Damian


Amazing Time with Damian I had such a great experience with Damian! He's not only good-looking but also super friendly and easy to be around. We clicked right away, and he made sure I felt comfortable and had fun the entire time. Damian's attention to detail and genuine personality really stood out. Highly recommend!

Simply amazing


Meeting Damian was an absolute delight! he's genuine, attentive, and made every moment together feel special. Damian’s warmth and charm instantly put me at ease, and his passion for ensuring a great experience shone through. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. Don’t hesitate to spend time with him – you won’t regret it!

Fantastic Encounter


Great guy

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