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Im a very confident and outgoing person. Ive always been a very active character keen on all sports particularly, Football that I played for my School and with semi professional team, becoming a captain helped learn the responsibility required to become a great team leader. I also participate in a Cricket team this has given me the ability to concentrate over long period of time to see the task though.

I enjoy going swimming to keep fit and active physically and mentally. As an outgoing person, I enjoy socializing and have found that I fit in casually at all the companies Ive worked for with little fuss. Ive always had a keen reading interest, which helps me relax.

Age:  21
Height:  5ft 10
Availability:  Anytime
Required notice:  24 hours
Location:  London, Brighton, South East
Rate:  £75 per hour

Contact details 
Tel: 07505 129 003
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Escort Identifier Code:  SY123

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