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My name is Stuart, I am 25 years old from Scotland just outside Edinburgh. The picture I have up is different from what I look like now I just recently cut my hair off for the summer.

Willing to travel between Edinburgh and Glasgow as I have my own car. I like to go out for meals and drinks, cinema, watching and playing football,golf,snooker,pool and a few other sports. I like quiet nights in also.

The hourly rate would be depandant on the location. Local would be between £50 and £60 and anything outwith would be a little more. Minimum of 2 hours booking, maximum of 5 hours. Anymore hours after the 5 hours charged at £40p/h, overnight stay £450

Age:  25
Height:  5ft10
Availability:  Evenings and weekends
Required notice:  12 hours
Location:  Edinburgh and Glasgow

Contact details 
Telephone:07875 718 811
Please quote Gentlemen4Hire when you make contact

Escort Identifier Code:  SG123

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