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Well I was born in Aberdeen but lived alot of my life in Australia. I attended Dundee university and now work there for an art company doing marketing and sales. In my spare time I like to play a bit of rugby and do a bit of water sports when warm enough.

I am pretty out going and normally dress pretty well, I was brought up well so have been to a lot of places and experienced a lot of different cultures. I don't mind travelling around Scotland if given enough notice and if at the weekends then I would have to see how far it is.

Age:  22
Height:  182cm
Availability:  Evenings and weekends
Required notice:  24 hours
Rate:  £60 per hour
Location:  Scotland

Contact details 
Telephone:07703 059 481
Please quote Gentlemen4Hire when you make contact

Escort Identifier Code:  DF123

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