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Male Escort Description

I'm Ryan a real gentlemen at heart.

I'm funny haha (not funny peculiar), I'm caring, honest, trustworthy, reliable and dignified.

The initial page of this website states 3 things you need to have in order to be an escort,:

Good looks (I'm the type of person that you could put next to or even in replace of your best centre piece that you have out on show to all your friends and family when they come over for a get together)

Intelligent (I'm 25 but people tend to think I'm a lot older with the life experience I've had, I can fit into any role so if I'm needed to be prim and proper (dinner suite included) for the evening one could easily accommodate ones need for professionalism or if needed for a casual event (dinner suit excluded) I can stick on my blue swayed shoes and start strolling towards an amazing evening of fun and excitement.

To be able to hold a conversation about anything (I love chatting, people do say I'm a chatterbox, I make people feel relaxed, secure and comfortable so everyone can open up and have a giggle, I enjoy listening and learning and even helping to solve problems (except algebra).

So a bit about me...

I'm 25 from Edinburgh, I'm a part time fashion model, student and my favourite part a Dj. !!

I love music any type, any year, any genre, listening to all of it is just makes me think why is there so much war when everyone could just be getting along listening to some good quality music. You never know that could be the cure for world peace :)

I like doing any activity such as restaurants, movies, dining in, social events, clubs and even the bingo.

I'm open to any suggestions...

I'm available anytime rain or shine, let me know where to meet n il be there.

Age: 25
Height: 166
Location: Edinburgh
Rate: £100 /hr

Male Escort contact details :
Name: Ryan Mill
Tel: Ask website
Escort Identifier Code:  RY1576

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