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Male Escort Description

Hi ladies, my names Jay I am a 40 year old down to earth guy. I have led an interesting life and seen and done some very adventurous and memorable things.

I am an ex service man of 12 years where I joined as a boy and became a man very quick. I love to share my memories, well those I am allowed to talk about obviously and some I just wish to keep to myself.

I would say I am very kind and thoughtful and always always put the needs of the lady first and believe a lady should be treated at such.

I like to make the lady feel comfortable and relaxed from the start and if there are and specifics you want please make them clear before the meeting, these could be something as simple as wanting to hold hands or not, been looked to appear to be a couple on entrance to anywhere you choose to go, how you want to be addressed or if asked how we would describe our relationship for the evening or day etc.

These things may seem trivial but can be very important to your image if it is a works party we are attending for example.

Sexy is not something I would initially offer or include in my services this is not to say things may not progress and if so this can be discussed discreetly at the time.

I am very relaxed and down to earth and this also goes with my attitude and image, men in tight jeans and short sleeve shirts with the button done right up is a "NO WAY" with my sorry but I would not dress that way for no love nor money.

I am very smart and clean on appearance and I also do not do ties ladies I am sorry but I have my reasons lol.

I am happy to attend and function, meeting or party that is required but I would like to know the theme of any event before hand it's always good to research before hand.

Anyway ladies that's me in a nutshell and I hope I can be your escort for your needs. Please message me your details, name, dates required and hours, also area and type of function and I will promise to return your call within the hour unless you require and urgent call back then please state this in capitals.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my profile and I wish you good luck with your selection if it is not myself.

Xxxx Jay

Age: 40
Height: 5ft 11
Location: Windsor
Rate: £80 /hr

Male Escort contact details :
Name: Jay Gibbons
Tel: +44 754 806 7644
Escort Identifier Code:  JA3760

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